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Our New Virtual HE Marketing Conference: What's Included?

  • A full day of content
  • Live breakout workshops
  • Match making networking and live meeting scheduling with delegates
  • Replay functions so you never miss a session
  • Live chat, questioning and polling tools
  • Real time resources and presentations
  • Next generation conference engagement platform
  • Real solutions, ideas and answers for marketing leaders
  • 15 + Speakers
  • 8+ Hours CPD Content



100 +



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Higher Education Marketing following Covid-19

The Higher Education Marketing Conference 2020 will explore the latest innovations in delivering effective and impactful student recruitment campaigns in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Assess the impact of Covid-19 on student admissions in September 2020 and how this will affect recruitment campaigns across 2021
Examine what marketing professionals can learn from the crisis and how higher education marketing can transform to become more impactful, efficient and targeted following the crisis
Explore how marketing leaders can effectively prepare for the next recruitment cycle and work towards recovering international markets
Analyse how institutions can reengage with prospective international students and reflect local concerns and needs around Covid-19
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