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  • Discussing how the elements of an effective marketing campaign can contribute to achieving wider organisational objectives
  • Understanding how to deliver a personalised and engaging marketing strategy to prospective students
  • Learning how to evolve brand strategy and manage institutional reputation, via effective engagement with the media, business and public
  • Exploring the ways institutions can engender cultures of partnership working to facilitate joined up marketing strategies

Martyn Edwards, Interim Director of Marketing, Recruitment & International and Vice Chair - HE Group, Swansea University and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CONFIRMED)

  • Discussing the demographic challenges, and changing behaviours of applicants to higher education
  • Exploring how universities can review and adapt their approaches to attract and retain students in an increasingly competitive sector
  • Addressing how universities can thrive while recruiting from a smaller pool of prospective students
  • Insight into how UCAS is helping to support HE providers through the admissions process

Sarah Barr Miller, Head of Insight, UCAS (CONFIRMED)

  • Helping students navigate and understand available information and data to support effective engagement and informed university choices
  • Providing guidance to universities on what information to communicate to prospective students and via what channels
  • Exploring how the Office for Students can work in partnership with other organisations to integrate and link provision, facilitate better decision making, and foster improved outcomes for students

Catherine Cameron, Information, Advice and Guidance Manager, Office for Students (CONFIRMED)

  • Segmenting the market successfully, exploring the relationship between regional and subject trends
  • Assessing regional needs and how developing a dynamic course portfolio benefits universities
  • Mapping and targeting nuanced audiences intelligently
  • Tracking towards success using Google Analytics

Ben Farquharson, Account Director, IDP Connect (CONFIRMED)

  • Understanding how universities can act responsibly in line with ASA’s guidelines to ensure students are not misled
  • Outlining how universities can provide clear information to prospective students, while ensuring claims can be referenced and verified
  • Exploring the do’s and don’ts of comparative university claims, and what best practice looks like across sector

Miles Lockwood, Director of Complaints and Investigations, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the latest market trends and marketing strategies being used across the higher education sector
  • Understanding how effective data and market intelligence is being utilised to understand competitors and deliver tailored and efficient campaigns
  • Analysing insights into what constitutes a successful multi-channel and integrated marketing strategy which ensures the engagement of prospective students
  • Evaluating how to embed the student voice into marketing strategies to enhance shareability and deliver traction for student campaigns

Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement & President, Loughborough University & Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CONFIRMED)

  • Cultural challenges in implementing marketing and adtech best practices
  • How we track customer acquisition over a multiple year consideration phase using a custom data-driven attribution model
  • Stitching together multiple data sources at scale
  • Trends in the highly competitive business school sector that may cross over into broader HE

Iain Harper, Head of Digital Marketing, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (CONFIRMED)

  • Understanding how Leeds Beckett University implemented an innovative 100-day campaign prior to fresher’s week, providing applicants with valuable tips and messages, while promoting university platforms and services
  • Learning how to tailor social media campaigns to attract attention and speak directly to target audiences
  • Mapping out the ever-growing list of digital channels available, and how students expect to engage with providers during the selection process
  • Understanding which channels providers should be building a presence on, what objectives need to be achieved, and how this can be done creatively

Charlotte Renwick, Associate Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment, Leeds Beckett University (invited)

  • Learning how Sunderland University cultivated a clear brand to increase its interaction with students and drive an 8% increase in applications
  • Identifying institutional strengths and how to translate history, place, and culture into a unique on-brand experience
  • Building a clear, consistent brand that cuts across all messaging, engagement and marketing tactics
  • Translating analysis into creative brand positioning

Andy Atkinson, Head of Brand and Client Marketing, University of Sunderland (invited)

  • Gaining insight into how Bournemouth University’s global Festival of Learning has created an effective platform for international engagement and recruitment
  • Exploring how to identify regional preferences for information
  • Identifying your target market and taking note of how they use online resources
  • Understanding regional preferences for communication and consuming information
  • Discussing how to leverage different international rates of social media adoption
  • How to maximise your online profile and create more presence with international audiences

Ann Fernandez, Director of Marketing and Communications, Bournemouth University (invited)

  • Learning how Solent University delivered their innovative ’52 Things To Do’ campaign, that saw the university capture the Heist 2019 award for ‘Best use of content’
  • Understanding how to personalise content to deliver more targeted messaging and engage with prospects more effectively
  • Discussing how to practically create, refine and deliver weekly content
  • Exploring which social media platforms should be leveraged to maximise the impact and reach of content

Leonora Clement, Head of Marketing and Communications, Solent University (CONFIRMED)

  • Learning how Leeds Trinity University implemented their award-winning recruitment strategy to create a sense of community, and convert more of the student market
  • Understanding how personalised visits to the university were encouraged to increase interest, and provide prospective students with a more memorable experience during their decision-making process
  • Discussing how smaller universities can develop more bespoke approaches to recruitment, rather than competing in an already saturated environment

Tania Clarke, Head of Marketing & Recruitment, Leeds Trinity University (invited)

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