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Martyn Spence, Director of Marketing and Communication, Heriot-Watt University (CONFIRMED)

  • Understanding the components of a successful marketing campaign which meets institutional objectives
  • Effectively measuring the impact of higher education marketing campaigns and evaluating which strategies are best able to maximise outcomes
  • Driving innovation across higher education marketing practices to ensure that campaigns enhance engagement and stand out in a competitive market
  • Evaluating how to develop a proactive and evolving marketing strategy which speaks to the prospective students of the future

Martyn Edwards, Associate Director (Marketing, Intelligence and Digital), Swansea University and Committee Member, Higher Education Group, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing the latest trends in university admissions data to assess the future of student demand and competition
  • Understanding the key motivators driving student decision-making and how institutions can tailor their offer to meet these needs
  • Assessing what prospective students want to know from institutions and how this information can be effectively communicated
  • Evaluating the rise in acceptances through the UCAS clearing process and how competition is evolving to attract students with lower grades
  • Exploring the future of higher education competition and admissions and the role of UCAS in supporting the sector to widen participation

Sarah Barr Miller, Head of Insight, UCAS (CONFIRMED)

  • Analysing results from recent remote usability research conducted by Global Reviews to assess how UK university websites are performing
  • Understanding trends across university websites and highlighting common pain points prospective students face when researching course and university options
  • Delivering best practice examples of the online consumer journey from both the UK and Australia

Gerard Farrell, Head of Product & Client Advisory, Global Reviews (CONFIRMED)
Rebecca Jennings, Principal Client Advisor, Global Reviews (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the latest market trends and marketing strategies being used across the higher education sector
  • Understanding how effective data and market intelligence is being utilised to understand competitors and deliver tailored and efficient campaigns
  • Analysing insights into what constitutes a successful multi-channel and integrated marketing strategy which ensures the engagement of prospective students
  • Evaluating how to embed the student voice into marketing strategies to enhance shareability and deliver traction for student campaigns

Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement, Loughborough University and President, Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the development of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education and how universities can communicate quality to prospective students
  • Discussing how universities can effectively utilise educational excellence as a strategy to market courses successfully
  • Understanding the role of universities in demonstrating the options available to students in higher education
  • Evaluating the next steps of the QAA and the Office for Students in supporting widening participation and the impact on university admissions of a developing market
  • Outlining the impact of the TEF and communicating how universities can demonstrate course standards effectively

Stephanie Stephenson, Head of Marketing and Production, Quality Assurance Agency (CONFIRMED)

Join higher education marketing leaders in assessing how to formulate a high-quality marketing strategy within your institution to deliver maximum impact

  • Sharing insights on the key challenges facing higher education marketing teams and how institutions are responding to evolving demand
  • Delivering value for money in the formulation of a marketing initiative to meet institutional objectives
  • Assessing the relationship between marketing delivery and sustainable recruitment and retention
  • Evaluating the future of higher education marketing and how marketing strategies will evolve in future recruitment cycles

Caz Ulley, Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing, Imperial College London (CONFIRMED)
Claire Hamilton, Head of Marketing, The University of Sheffield (CONFIRMED)
Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement, Loughborough University and President, Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) (CONFIRMED)
Hannah Hughes, Head of Student Recruitment Marketing, University of York (CONFIRMED)
Nicola Anderton, Director of Digital and Marketing, University of Nottingham (CONFIRMED)

  • Carrying out a generation Z needs analysis
  • Translating analysis into a creative brand positioning
  • Bringing your organisation on the journey
  • Analysing impact successfully

Mark Garratt, Director of External Affairs, University of Bradford (CONFIRMED)
Emma Bridge, Associate Director (Marketing Communications), University of Bradford (CONFIRMED)

  • Formulating a bespoke communications initiative targeted at engaging final year students with the university employability team
  • Developing an integrated design and message across platforms including targeted social media, bus adverts and digital screens to target key students
  • Sharing insights in translating a core message through an internal marketing campaign
  • Assessing the outcomes of the campaign with a 37.6% increase in first time appointments with the employability team in one year

Winner of the Best Internal Communications Campaign at the 2018 Heist Awards

Debra Easter, Employability Services Manager, Nottingham Trent University (CONFIRMED)
Penny Eccles, Director of Marketing and Communications, Nottingham Trent University (CONFIRMED)

  • Recognising the challenge of a weak social media campaign during the acceptance process with disjointed information and minimal student traction
  • Overhauling the social media strategy with the #hellobrookes campaign designed to create buzz and maximise impact when students received their offers
  • Using personalisation to congratulate students on their entry and encouraging social media engagement with unique social media IDs
  • Supporting the involvement of staff and existing students with a live acceptance day studio to produce videos and shareable content
  • Assessing the outcomes of a targeted social media campaign with over 50,000 video views and 4.5 million Twitter and Instagram impressions in 4 days

Dana Rock, Marketing and Communications Manager, Oxford Brookes University (invited)

  • Understand how to align your marketing initiatives with student recruitment objectives through personalisation and targeted messaging
  • Assess how to ensure your marketing programme delivers a return on investment and ensures a growth in student recruitment
  • Evaluate the role of market research, data and performance analysis to drive improvements in your marketing approach
  • Analyse how to review your audience, what prospective students need to know and how your marketing campaign can meet the needs of students

  • We all describe ourselves as global universities but how international is our approach to marketing and how international does it need to be?
  • Discussion of the fundamentals of targeting international students in marketing activity and where this needs to differ from targeting UK students
  • Overview of ways to develop successful tactics/campaigns which meet the needs of international students using market intelligence and student feedback
  • Practical insights into recent international marketing activity at the University of Sheffield

Jen Foster, International Marketing and Communications Manager, University of Sheffield (CONFIRMED)

*programme subject to change