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Additional Training

Attend Social Media Marketing in Higher Education as a standalone one day training course, or book onto the Higher Education Marketing Conference to receive a discount when booking onto the training course. Contact [email protected] for more information.


09:15 - 16:15
Wednesday 01 May 2019
Central London
Speaker Bios

With today’s Higher Education sector more competitive than ever, marketing professionals within HE need to develop strategies that look to attract potential students whilst designing content that engages, entertains and inspires.

Social media marketing is now a crucial part of modern marketing landscape, especially in reaching and engaging younger audience. Therefore, effective marketing and social media campaigns are essential for HE institutions and can help create online communities, increase interactions, engage more students, and amplify a global brand and reputation.

Join this interactive Social Media Marketing in Higher Education training to find out how you can successfully implement effective social media campaigns within your university, create compelling content and attract potential new students across the globe.


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how best to utilise all available social media platforms for your marketing purposes
  • Find out how to create and deliver effective social media content and understanding what engaging marketing content looks like
  • Discover what the most effective social media marketing tools are that will enable you to reach a wider audience
  • Understand how to measure the impact of your social media campaigns
  • Takeaway a plan outlining what a new social media strategy would look like for your university


Expert Trainer:

Dave Musson, Social Media Consultant

Dave is a respected social media expert, blogger, podcaster and conference speaker. From 2017-2019, he was editor-in-chief of The Native – a hub of inspiring resources for education and youth marketers – as well as the lead social media strategist at Natives Group. Throughout his career, his colleagues have sometimes called him a social media ‘guru’, but he gets embarrassed when it happens. Before joining Natives Group, Dave lead on social media at the University of Warwick. He also spent two years as co-chair of the CASE Europe Social Media and Community Conference.

Outside of work, Dave has more hobbies than you would expect him to realistically have time for; he plays in a very loud rock band, he runs an Instagram account where he’s trying to photograph every dog in his home town and he hosts not one, not two, but three podcasts.

Session Title
Trainer’s Welcome & Introduction

Dave Musson, Social Media Consultant

Analysing the Most Popular Social Media Platforms
  • Highlighting recent developments from across a multitude of different social media platforms
  • Analysing the impact of new developments in social media on planning and execution of social media strategies
  • Discussing what social media platforms work best for an international audience
  • Outlining the key differences between organic and paid for approaches to social media marketing and understanding what works best in different scenarios
  • Identifying advertising tactics across Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook
Morning Break
Planning and Delivering Effective, Impactful Social Media Content
  • Understanding what works best on what social media platform
  • Analysing what type of content generates the most engagement and impressions by students and alumni and best resonates with your audience
  • Creating high-quality, engaging video content that drives user interactions
  • Discovering how to involve existing students and alumni in creating user generated content that is able to offer the student perspective on certain issues
Utilising Social Media Marketing Tools to Reach an International Audience

Delegates will be provided with live demonstrations of key tools to consider using to help support all aspects of the digital marketing process

  • Using and understanding how to use the correct tools to effectively research and analyse your audience (geographically and demographically)
  • Identifying and working with influencers and using and managing their input effectively
  • Increasing brand awareness and brand strength through targeted social media campaigns
  • Using innovative techniques to boost your social media marketing to engage and attract international students
Workshop: Planning and Implementing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Attendees will work with the facilitator to discuss how to define, research, plan, execute and measure a social marketing campaign.

  • Planning and designing a flexible social media strategy
  • Defining the audience and selecting the right channels for your campaign
  • Analysing competition and ensuring that your social media campaign is standing out from the crowd
  • Establishing the measurement techniques of digital marketing campaigns and bosting ROI
  • Planning social media campaigns in conjunction with other marketing platforms and ensuring that they are all working in tandem with one another
Evaluation and Closing Remarks